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Waste in action

The partners

The "Waste in action" project includes many organizations from the public, private and non-profit making sectors.  The two chief Franco-British partners are SMÉDAR and East Sussex County Council.

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SMÉDAR's competency is in the field of the recycling of waste produced by 165 districts of the Rouen conurbation, i.e. 600 000 inhabitants.

It develops, builds and operates the equipment necessary for implementing the overall recycling plan in force in these districts.

In its Ecopole SMÉDAR has a waste-to-energy plant, a recyclable waste sorting centre, and bottom ash and bulky waste processing units. Moreover, two composting centres, at Saint-Jean du Cardonnay and Cléon, receive and recycle green waste. In all, over 500 000 tons of waste are processed each year.

SMÉDAR signed the Eco-Packaging and reduction at source contracts with ADEME, and runs a considerable advertising policy, in order to increase inhabitants’ awareness of recycling and eco-consumption.

East Sussex County Council

East Sussex is a region in the South-East of England, whose central town is Brighton. It groups together nine districts, i.e. 550 000 inhabitants.

In addition to its competency in the fields of education, transport, and social services, the County Council is the local authority in charge of waste processing in the area. For this it has a local waste management scheme, whose objective is to optimize recycling.

The inhabitants of ESCC have a network of waste and selective collection centres, enabling them to sort their waste. Moreover, the building of an incineration plant with energy recovery is ongoing. These facilities will enable East Sussex to be in compliance with European Directives.

The others partners

Véolia Environmental services (UK)
Veolia ES is a service provider for waste management in East Sussex.

CNFPT – Délégation Haute-Normandie (Upper Normandy branch)
CNFPT organizes vocational training in the public sector in France.

Furniture Now!
Furniture Now! is a non-profit making organization specialized in reuse, recycling and training.  Furniture Now! organizes a door-to-door collection system of recyclable materials at Lewes and in its conurbation (Lewes District Council).

University of Brighton – Waste and Energy Research Group (WERG)
The WERG has twelve years' experience in advising households and industry on waste reduction and public awareness.

IESE (Improvement & Efficiency South East)
IESE takes part in the Franco-British training project.  It is a real virtual network, and it puts British local authorities in touch with each other, with the aim of helping them reach their efficiency and services objectives.