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Waste in action

The aims of the partnership

"Waste in action" is a cross-border project, that is composed of SMÉDAR and East Sussex County Council, two local authorities in charge of recycling waste in France and England, as well as other organizations from the public, private, non-profit making and university sectors. The partnership runs for three years (2008-2011), within the scope of Interreg IVa, of the European Union.

"Waste in action" is a cross-border project that encourages exchanges in the field of waste management, and enables operations to be organised for inhabitants.

The joint work undertaken by all the partners, contributes to guaranteeing the efficiency of the co-operation, in particular thanks to the substantial use of competency and a balanced management of resources.

The general public who benefit from these operations is varied. On both sides of the Channel, the project offers support for organizations and people from different backgrounds, i.e. small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit making organizations, schools, local authorities and, more generally, the inhabitants of the geographic areas concerned.

The ultimate aim of the implementation of this cross-border project is to achieve sustainable actions encouraging the optimization of waste management and a better protection of the environment.

This cross-border and multiple-sector partnership is being developed by participants who possess different approaches and experience in waste management. This enables each partner's experience to be added to and reinforced.