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Waste in action


Today, there are many small enterprises and industries who would like to be part of a beneficial reuse scheme for recyclable packaging and paper. Therefore, SMÉDAR, East Sussex County Council and Furniture Now! are setting up a support programme to help optimize the recycling of their waste in their respective areas.

Companies create a substantial quantity of waste each year and are subject to different legislation for sorting and recycling.

Although for the last fifteen years local authorities have been offering the selective collection of packaging to local inhabitants, companies have not always taken up this idea.  However, they are aware of the considerable amount of waste they produce, so their management more and more frequently wants to work on reduction and recycling programmes.

Thus, about 60 SME/SMI are aware of the implementation of selective collection and waste reduction in France and Great Britain.  They are all voluntary, and benefit from the support and experience of SMÉDAR and East-Sussex County Council.

A programme with several phases

The programme includes an audit of the organization that enables the needs for waste collection to be assessed.  After the audit, technical support is provided for the companies to set up selective waste collection.  Staff are offered a training course, including a visit to the waste treatment facilities.  An information package is also distributed.

A second audit can also be carried out in the company to assess the results of the programme.

A free phone is available to facilitate company actions for those in the East Sussex region.

This programme has met with great success in France and Great Britain.