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Waste in action

Creation of waste trails

The objectives of the installation of four waste trails, gradually being set up in France and Great Britain are to provide information about our experience and competency, heighten visitors' awareness about the conservation of the environment, and communicate about the sustainable management of household waste.

There are three different but complementary waste trails in France, and one in England on a redeveloped site. The "Waste in action" programme invites inhabitants and school children for a stroll!

Make the most of nature whilst learning. Waste trails have been developed to be both useful and pleasant at the same time.

The purpose of SMÉDAR's project is to make inhabitants aware of the environmental, economic, and social challenges of the prevention and recycling of waste.

This will be set up gradually at three different complementary locations, each with a trail. Each trail will be developed in a natural area and will present waste in a different manner. Individual behaviour (reuse, sorting, eco-consumption) is the theme of the first trail created at Villers-Ecalles. The second trail will show the involvement of private partners of society (eco-design, recycling industry, eco-organizations).

Educational support that will be of use to teachers, and non-profit making organizations etc. is organized via the development of learning materials and the installation of interactive stations. Finally, the last trail is more particularly concerned with the solutions provided by local authorities (implementation of recycling waste streams, selective collection and waste collection centres).

A redeveloped landfill centre

In Great Britain, the waste trail will soon be set up on a former landfill site at Pebsham. Information boards will tell the history of the landfill. The main theme will be the promotion of recycling, reuse and the reduction of waste at source. Visitors will follow the path of an animated mascot on their PDA, and will discover the different stages of the trail about waste.

SMÉDAR and East Sussex work together at all stages of the design. The cross-border aspect is also visible via the creation of bilingual boards and interactive materials.