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Waste in action

Creation of communication materials

The project partners are aware that the majority of the population would like to receive more information on waste recycling and reduction, and are further developing and diversifying their advertising campaigns on this theme.

How can we sustainably protect our environment? The recycling and reduction of waste produced by inhabitants are unavoidable trends to be optimized. To do so, one necessity: Communicate!

Within this framework, bilingual communication materials are created via the "Waste in Action" project. Communicating enables the inhabitants to become aware and promote eco-responsible gestures.

These new communication materials are more relevant. They satisfy the informative needs of the general public, in France as in England and contribute to the success of the projects implemented.

In particular, SMÉDAR has planned on creating two interactive video games, a junior's Internet site, and a "Happy families" game, on the theme of recycling for children, teachers and parents. It has also planned an educational game CD-ROM, a strip cartoon presenting the sorting facility, and interactive communication materials to welcome younger members of the general public to visit the VESTA waste-to-energy plant.

Developments with a Partnership

These communication materials are being developed simultaneously by civil servants in the communications department of East Sussex County Council, whilst adapting them to the local context.

Hence, the Franco-British collaboration enables achievements to be expanded and optimizes funding.

Moreover, the protection of the environment will be the main line of a competition open to schools within SMÉDAR's territory, inviting them to set up positive actions to protect the environment.