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Permitting Regime - Lewes Composting Rocket

Permitting Regime - Lewes Composting Rocket Permitting Regime - Lewes Composting Rocket

The composting Rocket is now working extremely effectively with an excellent composted product exiting the machine at the clean end.  Temperatures in the machine are high, generated by the breakdown of the material under microbial action.  The material proceeds through the machine in approximately 7-10 days.

DEFRA has issued Furniture Now! with a permit to operate the machine in this limited capacity while data is collected on the residence time of the material in the machine.  It is necessary for the material to be above 60 degrees Celsius for 96 hours while proceeding through the machine.  Temperatures are taken regularly at four different places in the machine using a data logging probe. This data combined with information as to how long the material remains in the machine allows DEFRA to calculate the “residence time” of the food waste in the machine.  Collection of this data and its submission to DEFRA is currently being undertaken by ESCC and FN! operatives. 
Providing the residence time is sufficient, a further permit is issued and a biological hazard sampling regime commences.  Samples of the compost exiting the machine will be regularly sent to a government laboratory and, if free of salmonella, will allow FN! to use the machine for commercial collections.  It is expected this regime will begin shortly.