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Waste in action

Pebsham Waste Trail

Pebsham Waste Trail Pebsham Waste Trail

The Waste in Action Pebsham Landfill Walk was opened to school groups by Councillor Matthew Lock and pupils from Pebsham Community Primary School have been the first to explore it.

The children followed the trail through land that was previously used for landfill but has now been covered with earth and planted with trees and plants. Land is restored for safe use in sections after they have been filled with rubbish. The adjacent playing fields have already been built on ex-landfill ground.

As the children follow the path, they find ten information panels where they can use the hand-held computers they have been provided with, to play educational games. The games relate to the information on the panels and use the characters ‘Professor Penelope Pebsham’ and her assistants Big Bot, Per-C and the Mini Bots to teach the visitors about how they can reduce their rubbish.

Smédar staff also visited the trail as part of the 4th Steering Group Meeting in October 2010.