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Waste in action

A high-level recycling fashion parade!

A high-level recycling fashion parade! A high-level recycling fashion parade!

A novel fashion parade! On 26th November 2009, a novel fashion parade was held at Eastbourne, in England. A class from the Lycée Elisa Lemonnier in Petit-Quevilly replied to the invitation of the British partners and crossed the Channel in order to present clothes made out of recovered objects and remnants of material...

SMÉDAR was invited

The aim of this event organized in Eastbourne by SMEDAR's British partner, East Sussex County Council, was to promote recovery and recycling. A challenge taken up by the participants!

Fifteen pupils from the Elisa Lemonnier School in Petit-Quevilly and their teachers accepted the invitation and joined the four English classes taking part. They crossed the Channel to present new models designed in a few weeks, and made from recovered materials and remnants of cloth.

Plastic bags as skirts!

Plastic bags shaped like skirts, or remnants and CDs reused as tunics... not very common practice, but very rewarding! Charlène a high-school pupil commented, "Using material recovered to make clothes enabled us to use our knowledge differently and let our imagination run free". The fashion parade lasted an hour and a half and enabled waste to be presented in an unexpected manner. The Lycée Lemonnier was the fifth school to take to the stage, and had organized its fashion parade in three stages: a calm sea, a polluted sea and a raging sea. Their presentation was very successful with the general public.

This trip was organized within the scope of the project "Waste in action", combining SMÉDAR and East Sussex County Council. It is a physical illustration of Franco-British co-operation. On both sides of the Channel, recycling and recovery are serious concerns.

All the participants - pupils and the general public- have been able to realize that waste can often be recycled and reused. Real proof if necessary, that it is possible to reduce one's waste!